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Curing Worry God’s Way – Introduction

By April 8, 2022No Comments

Did you know that we can live worry free? I have seen so much breakthrough for people when they learn that living worry free is actually possible. I am so excited to share these insights with you along with practical steps to Curing Worry God’s Way.

I wanted to make sure to address that I do believe in seeking help from qualified medical professionals, as well as medications they might prescribe. Sometimes there are chemical imbalances at play and our bodies need help to heal. At the same time, we’ve created a culture where we often go to medicine as our first resort. Both prescriptions and addiction are at incredibly high levels. Wherever you’re at on this topic, whether you have high levels of anxiety or just occasional worry, I know you’ll get helpful, scriptural truths that bring freedom in this series of posts.

On another note, this is also not an exhaustive extraction of everything the Bible has to say about worry. However, true cures only come with proper diagnosis, so throughout this book I’ll be showing how many issues in our lives actually have their root in worrying. It will give you the understanding you need to see worry the way God does, dig up its roots, and live a life of trust.

The word “stronghold “is most often thought of by believers as something that needs to be torn down due to it being a place where the monic influence resides. This is absolutely true, but it is also true that we need to build godly strongholds in our minds. In Psalm 27:1, David said that the Lord was the strong hold of his life, and because of that, he had no reason to fear. The word stronghold can be defined as the habitual thoughts we think that build internal structures. These thought structures either protect and allow gods influence in our lives or the enemies. With the insights and practical tools in this series, you will soon be able to identify the strongholds that need to be pulled down or built, as well as the equipment needed to redesign your inner world to be more in agreement with God.

My prayer is that as you read these posts, you will also encounter a loving father who is eager to give you good gifts as his child, that your hope would fully rest in him, and that the peace of Jesus that is far superior in rank to any of our understanding will guard your heart and mind throughout your life.

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