8-Week Scripture Challenge Course

Want encouragement, weekly accountability, motivate and support
to set your Scripture Challenge for success?

The Scripture Challenge Success Start

Accountability and support are two things that make any goal work so that you can succeed. And, here's the great thing, I would love to help you do just that! Let's get a win with this program and set you up for success!

When you have someone by your side encouraging you, championing you, and let's be honest, reminding you each week to focus on that weekly scripture, it can make all the difference between success and failure!

For $37 you can get access right now to eight weeks of coaching, support and encouragement.

What this means is that for eight weeks, I will be there for you to kick off that week's Scripture Challenge focus verse.

I will do a devotional to get you pumped for that verse and give you five easy exercises that you can do over the next five days that week. Each exercise allows you to spend time with the focus verse to learn it, live it out, and lead it to someone else.

You will learn how to put it into action! God can use your weekly focus verse to give you guidance about who you are dating or how to strengthen your marriage, or maybe God wants to encourage you in your singleness or help you at work or school.

God can speak to you about the challenge you are having with one of your kids, grandkids, coworkers, friends or parents. Maybe Jesus wants to speak into your heart about adoption, foster care, or being a spiritual parent by reaching out to others to bring them to Jesus.

God can use these verses to give you direction on the decisions you need to make at work. He can guide your thinking and point you in the direction that will fulfill His good purpose in your life.

God wants to direct you to make better decisions and to have healthier relationships. He can do this through the power of His Word, the Bible...through these verses!

These words are unlike any other words written. God Almighty spoke them into existence. They are powerful. They are helpful. They are true. And they want to set you up for success to do things God's way.

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With access to The Scripture Challenge 8-Week Course, you will receive:

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8 Weekly Screen Savers

8 Weekly Exercise Packets

5 Exercise Per Week

The Scripture Challenge Success
Start 8-Week Course

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